Here are some simple ways couples prevent cheating in their relationship.

Understand and agree on boundaries

What constitutes cheating can vary from one person to the other. Let your partner explain in details what cheating means to him or her to avoid any confusion.

  • Be friends

Best friends always find ways to reconcile when they are facing challenges in their relationship. However, some lovers fail to rekindle their love after petty arguments or separation. That’s why they say, it is always best to marry your best friend.

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  • Travel together

Solo travel can be fun but traveling together with your spouse ignite your love and strengthen the bond.

  • Communication

Find there out of your busy work schedule to call or text your partner at least twice before you go home.

Keep them updated on your wellbeing and give them access to your calendar. This will prevent any doubts and keep them from worrying about you.

  • Be there to each other

Always support your spouse in their endeavors. Listen to them, share your opinions and help them to move their career forward. If it is outside your field of work, find experts who can give them the best advice on how to create a niche for themselves to achieve their set target.

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  • Don’t involve your friends in your marital issues

Have you heard the saying ‘your enemy could be your best friend’?Talk to your pastor or any trusted elder member when you’re facing issues in your relationship. Your friends might give you bad advice which will eventually force you to divorce your spouse.

  • Keep the sex alive

Couples should try and have sex at least twice a week to satisfy each other sexual needs. Repetition is boring, read about new sex positions and experiment with your partner.

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  • Spend time together

Make it a morning ritual to have breakfast together, shower together and do other fun things together. These moments are very priceless and very relevant to remind each other of the vows to stay together as one.