Men with bigger bellies make better lovers

The bigger man, the less he is likely to worry about the opinions of others.

In a society where women are under more and more pressure to look perfect, men also have their own body shaming issues. Chubby often isn’t considered sexy, with many guys struggling to fit into that testosterone fuelled gym culture.

But who says that big guys can’t work it with the ladies? Those people don’t know what they are talking about. There are plenty of categories where a big man can absolutely come out on top.

Ladies, make sure you read this, because it’s important. Here are 11 reasons why bigger guys make far better lovers.

1. They make you feel small


Laying down next to a big guy makes you feel automatically smaller… and safer.

2. You always have a human pillow wherever you are

Big guys are the perfect body pillow, so anytime you want to take a nap, you can. It’s so bloody good.

3. They absolutely love their food

Big men eat lots of food, it’s a fact. This means that when he orders a shit load food, you can tuck in too. Plus you won’t feel self-conscious about your own huge portion.


4. They love cooking

Big guys don’t shy away from the kitchen, often choosing to rustle up their own epic meals. They know what tastes good, so it’ll be tasty stuff. It stops you cooking too, win win win.

5. You always feel safe

Nobody is going to attack a big fella, so when you’re with him you instantly feel a whole lot safer.

6. You will never feel ‘big’ or ‘fat’ when you’re with him


Whatever you do, he’ll always be bigger than you. How awesome is that?

7. You can eat what you want

There will be no judgement here. Ice cream for breakfast? Leftover curry for dessert? Not a problem. Big guys don’t care what you eat.

8. They are the perfect cuddle partners

Soft and cuddly, big guys are a cuddlers dream. There is no chance you are you going to break him, he is built for some serious snuggle action.


9. They stress less

The bigger man, the less he is likely to worry about the opinions of others. They are comfortable in who they are, and love to kick back and enjoy your company. No stress, just pizza and Netflix.

10. They look good in suits

Let’s face it, bigger men certainly know how to fill out a suit properly

11. You need to stand on your toes to kiss him


Absolutely adorable to the casual bystander, he may even duck down to give you a cheeky peck.

So there you are ladies, bigger guys are better lovers. They won’t spend all their spare time down the gym working on their abs, they’ll be in the kitchen slaving over a wonderful meal. It works both ways though ladies, it turns out women with bigger bums are smarter and healthier. Who knew? Are you a fan of the larger man? Let us know what you think.

Source: Viralthread


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