Do women really prefer bad boys over nice guys?

If you pay attention though, you will find that what has been misunderstood over the years is that no woman wants to date a boring man.

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“Bad boys” get all the dates and the kisses and many people swear by this. There is even a proverb in twi that is often used to support this claim, “mbaa pɛ nkwasiafoɔ.” Is it really true that given a choice a woman will pick an unreliable bad boy over responsible nice guy? I doubt so, but many young men today believe their survival in the dating game is to prove just how “bad” they are.

If you pay attention though, you will find that what has been misunderstood over the years is that no woman wants to date a boring man. The good thing is that, you don’t have to boring to be a nice guy. There are a lot of nice guys who are willing to explore exciting adventures in their relationships. So in actual fact, whether or not a woman prefers a bad boy to a nice guy is truly a matter of personality choice.

A survey poll carried out online intimated that nearly 30% of the women respondents said that personality matters most when choosing a partner. It was however not clear what kind of personality these women would want from men.

What some woman may find unappealing in nice guys is not their “niceness.” In fact, I dare say that every woman wants a nice guy but also every woman wants a little more than just a “goody-two-shoes.” So, instead of “behaving badly” just to attract women perhaps men should spend more time and energy in finding ways to keep their love interests attracted.


The fear that you will be friend zoned if you are too nice to a woman is irrational. If you don’t want to be friend zoned, show your love interest that you are not a one dimensional boring guy. Don’t be that nice boring guy all the time. Be sweet but not boring. A lot more women would get attracted to a nice guy who is also adventurous.

There is an impression that nice guys are not romantic and this is another reason why nice guys may be getting less attention than the bad boys. It makes sense that, women want romantic men where sexual attraction is concerned. Obviously, women do not literally prefer bad boys just for the sake of being bad. This tendency for women to be physically attracted to men who treat them a little harsh, pay them little attention, and show little care for them all boiled down to the fact that women are actually adventurous people. They would rather love men who makes exciting moves instead of trying to act “nice.”

Just like men, who are often said to date the “bad girls” and marry the “good” once, women are also more likely to pay more attention to the nice guys when they are looking for a life partner. In fact, according to some recent surveys conducted, almost 38% of the women respondents prefer nice guys, while only 15% want the bad ones. Additionally, nearly 34% would rather have a combination of both personalities.

So what do these figures show? Women are attracted to men who seem to carry a bad boy image but for a more serious relationship, the nice guys, or a combination of both personalities are much preferred. In essence, whatever your personality maybe, be confident, have a sense of humour and an air of mystery around you.  You bet that woman will begin to notice you. Go be a nice guy!


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