This is how men handle breakups differently from women [TEST] test

.Men often throw themselves into work and careers instead of moping around and letting the pain show. Their way of handling the pain is to do anything that will blank it out. On the other hand, women get really sad and don't really care if it shows.

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There are tears, bouts of depression and a lot of emotional show of their disappointment, pain and grief.

Most times women can't help themselves but talk about what happened, what they could have done different and all that. Men just seem to file everything to the recesses of their hearts.

It usually takes time to get them actually consider and talk about what went wrong. This actually fits the narrative of men being stoic and often refusing to address things that hurt them.

Women analyse everything and speak of things they could have done differently. Men often live in denial when they get dumped so over-analysing stuff hardly ever happens with them.

They want to be sure they are properly healed before opening up again. Some men get out immediately.

Most times to use sex as an escape but generally to try and use communication with another woman to block out the hurt of being dumped.

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