There are many things a man can say to a woman. But then, there are these 21 things that a guy should never ever say, unless he’s asking for trouble!

How many men have you slept with?

Let sleeping dogs lie. Asking this question will change the way you feel about her. It doesn’t matter if the number is high or low, what will you gain if you know the other men she has been sexually involved with. She might probably lie about the number so why bother asking.

Is it that time of the month again?

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You know the drill. It’s a monthly affair. If you can have sex during that time of the month, why not; feel free and dig in.  Just don’t say we didn’t warn you when it all blows up in your face!

Are you still not done getting ready?

Some women are attention seekers. They put the effort in their looks just to impress their man and beat the competition from other ladies. If you don’t want to sleep on an empty stomach, give her some hours to slay and some minutes to take selfies.

My ex is good at this or that

The mere mention of your ex-girlfriend turns her off. After she fought fiercely to win your love with that ex, you still got the nerves to compare them?  Dude, you called for it. You are gonna sleep on the couch for some weeks.

Maybe you should go to the gym

We all agreed she has to fit into shape but you have to find the right time and approach to tell her. She is probably feeling lazy to workout or genuinely busy with her work and kids.

She needs a little motivation and support to get back her hourglass figure. You can jog together or drive her to the gym every day after work.

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It’s up to you

Every woman wants a confident and visionary man. Behind every successful man is a woman and the vice versa. She wants your candid opinion on everything from her choice of outfit to shoes. Even the type of hairstyle she should fix for events. Don’t ever say ‘it’s up to you’. That is what you signed up for when you married her and you should deal with it.

Yeah, she’s sexy!

Don’t ever tell any woman that she looks sexy in the presence of your wife. She may even comment first about how “sexy” this other woman is.

Do not fall for it! It's a trap. Change the subject immediately. You cannot possibly come out of that discussion on top.