9 ways to save money on your wedding expenses

Here are 9 smart ways to save extra money in style for your wedding.


Marriage is a beautiful thing and it comes with special blessings. Let’s be real, you need to empty for bank accounts for your dream wedding but here are tips on how to get quality for less.

  • Keep your eyes open

Join buyers and sellers group on social media, ie Facebook and Instagram for deals. You can some quality items on your wedding list for less. You can also target discount sales and shop affordable thank you gifts for your wedding guests.

  •  Delay the dining

Having a late ceremony is a good way to save. If you get married at, say, 4 pm, there is less time to fill with entertainment and food! Plus you can do something really lovely in the morning instead of waking early and it all being a bit of a rush.

  • Seek out newbies

New entrepreneurs, suppliers who are just starting their business always charge comparatively low prices to build their clientele list.

Some of these new businesses are very passionate, commitment and very creative in what they do. These businesses will be building their portfolio and might make an extra effort for you as a result.

  •  Marry in another region  or country

Getting married in another region is a great way to save money. Costs will invariably be lower because of the number of guests will reduce which will also mean less amount spent on accommodation and reception.

You will also find 3 star hotels with amazing wedding packages for your honeymoon.

  • Wedding venue with a difference

Think outside the box when you are scouting for a venue. Literary kill all your birds with one stone.

Find a venue that comes with extra built-in like wedding coordinator and other necessities like table and chairs, clean washrooms, catering service, decoration items at an affordable. Invite your school chores to perform and your outspoken friend to be the MC.

  • Save on food

The biggest cost of any wedding is feeding people. Instead of a buffet, why not have a barbecue, cocktail and finger foods right after the church service.

  •  Useful gifts

Wedding guest will also forget about the foods you serve them and the details of your million dollar wedding gown. But they will always cherish the souvenir or gift you present to them.

Give them thoughtful gifts such as key holders, water bottles, tote bags, picture frames and other gifts that they will use daily.

  • Car share

Find out if any friends or family have a luxury car that you could borrow. Ask them if they would be happy to drive you to your wedding – they will probably be delighted to be asked and to perform those chauffeur duties.

  • Choose a weekday

Whether your invited guests are corporate workers or entrepreneurs, most of them might be busy on a weekday attending meetings, conferences or receiving consignments.

Choosing a weekday is a great option to legalize your marriage and save cost because of your friends can make it. After some years of marriage when you are financially stable, you can have a party and invite them.


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