An Instagram user shares the story of her proposal and it’s literally a thing of flawless beauty.

Melonie Wright, who holds the Instagram handle Meloniebygrace, explains how her boyfriend, Joshua asked for her hand in marriage.

Instead of doing the traditional speech for her and going on a bent knee, Melonie reveals the special manner with which Joshua went about the whole thing, adding her daughter in the mix to give it an extra-emotional edge.

She says, “My fiancé not only created my ring, but crafted earrings for my daughter from the same materials as my ring.

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“He then popped the question to Raegan: Joshua asked her if he could be her daddy, and Raegan said yes.”

Other pictures on her Instagram feed shows just how beautiful and special her relationship with her boo is, and just as much moments of beauty the pretty blogger shares with her daughter and significant other.

Melonie who is also an attorney describes herself as a “broken woman loved back to life by …” and with this kind of wedding proposal and all the loving-up going between her and Joshua on her Instagram page, it won’t be too much to assume that the love of her thoughtful boo and adorable little daughter adds to her radiant glow.

Cheers to Joshua, Melonie, Raegan and many more beautiful wedding proposals in year 2017!!!