Five ways to propose to a man without embarrassing yourself

Prosing to a man is not a thing for many women but if you want to be an exception here is how to go about it

This has made it traditionally awkward for ladies to find themselves as initiators of relationships. They tend to always be in a fix, waiting for the man to pop the big question.

Whilst most people buy into the notion that the onus is largely on the man to propose, some ladies are also confident enough to assume this responsibiity. This has never been unacceptable. In fact, a lady proposing to her partner could be the most romantic thing ever. brings to you five ways to propose to a man without embarrassing yourself.

Do it privately

Proposals are not easy as perceived. It could be nerve-racking, especially if you consider the possibility of an undesired response. A secluded place might be perfect to make the process an easy one. You might end up more nervous with much stares when u do it publicly. It could either be in a room with the two of you alone , or perhaps  somewhere in the woods where no one visits.

If you know he would be offended don’t do it

Not all men would take delight in having their partners play that part. Some might take offence to having their partners seize the responsibility of proposing. To some men it might be an indirect affront of reminding him of what is expected of him. If he takes offense to things that seemingly belittles his supremacy, just halt it.

Don’t worry about what people say

Ladies, just so you know, it takes much courage and boldness in picking up this mantle. The one thing you should not do is to care much about what others are going to say about your proposal. Slams, judgements and negative reviews are to be expected to rise, however, you must grow a tough  skin and care less about discernment. It is your pursuit for happiness not theirs.

Explain how much you care for him

A little talk before popping the big question about how much your world centres around him can make magic happen. Men love to hear how much you adore them. Let him know you care about him. That moment could possibly get him saying yes before your intention is even stated.

Be prepared for his response

This is the big moment. The very instant you are trapped between anxiety and a possible turn down. It’s only  human to quickly desire for a favorable answer and a fast one at that. Whether a good response or a bad one. You must be psyched enough to take his response.


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