We will start selling the pepper too- Ga Kenkey sellers announce

Accra residents who enjoy Ga kenkey, a staple food, may soon face additional costs if they want to continue enjoying the complete experience.

Kenkey sellers

Kenkey sellers are considering raising prices due to the increasing cost of ingredients, including pepper, which has become significantly more expensive.

A recent visit to popular kenkey spots in Accra by the Mirror Newspaper revealed that a bag of pepper now costs GH¢800, prompting many sellers to consider incorporating the cost of pepper, onions, and tomatoes into their overall pricing.

This means the free ground pepper with onions and tomatoes that traditionally accompanies kenkey may no longer be offered without an additional charge.

Traditionally known for its affordability and accessibility, kenkey is a staple food enjoyed by many due to its affordability. It is usually served with pepper sauce and fried fish, with some vendors offering more elaborate options with avocados, shrimp, and fried eggs.


According to the Mirror, several kenkey sellers expressed concerns about the rising cost of pepper, stating they may soon start charging for it. They emphasized the affordability of Kenkey was crucial, especially for low-income residents.

“Pepper has become expensive and very soon we will start selling it. It will not be free.", they are reported to have said .

However, not all vendors plan to implement the change. One popular family-owned business in Jamestown, Kenkey House, stated their commitment to maintaining the free pepper and current price of Kenkey, prioritizing affordability for their customers.

The rising cost of maize, the main ingredient in kenkey, was also cited as a contributing factor to the potential price increase.


While some patrons expressed frustration with the potential change, others acknowledged the challenges faced by sellers due to rising ingredient costs.

This situation reflects the broader economic challenges impacting food affordability in Accra.

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