10 body language signs that show she's attracted to you

Pay attention to the signals a woman is giving you, but don't overthink it.

How to know she's attracted to you [DALL-E2024]

Have you ever met someone and felt an instant connection, but weren't sure if the feeling was mutual?

Maybe you're chatting with a woman you find interesting, but her smile seems a little too polite, or her posture seems closed off. It can be tough to decipher whether someone is attracted to you. People communicate their interests through nonverbal cues, more commonly known as body language.

Here are 10 body language signs that a woman might be showing if she's attracted to you:


When someone is interested, they tend to open themselves up, literally. This might seem obvious, but it's a first step. If a woman is interested in what you have to say, she'll naturally turn her body towards you during a conversation. This is especially true if she's in a crowded space where she has other options for who to focus her attention on. Crossed arms or legs can signal disinterest, but if her posture is relaxed and her body is turned towards you, it shows she's engaged and interested in what you have to say.


Eye contact is a powerful tool for connection. If a woman makes eye contact with you and holds your gaze for a beat longer than usual, it could be a sign that she's interested. Pay attention to her pupils – dilated pupils can sometimes indicate attraction.

We all want to look our best for someone we find attractive. If a woman starts to subconsciously fix her hair, straighten her clothes, or apply makeup while talking to you, it could be a sign that she's hoping to make a good impression.

Have you ever noticed yourself unconsciously mimicking the person you're talking to? It turns out, this is a common way of building rapport and showing interest. If a woman is mirroring your body language – crossing her arms when you cross yours, leaning in when you lean in – it could be a subconscious way of showing she's on the same wavelength as you.


A light touch on the arm, shoulder, or back can be a playful way for a woman to show she's comfortable with you and interested in getting closer (physically and emotionally). Of course, be sure to read the situation – if the touch seems hesitant or withdrawn, it might not mean what you think.

Let's face it, sometimes butterflies erupt in our stomachs when we're around someone we find attractive. A nervous laugh or shyness can be a sign that a woman is feeling a bit flustered in your presence. It's kind of cute, isn't it?


When someone is interested in what you have to say, they'll often lean in closer to hear you better. This can be a physical way of closing the distance between the two of you and showing that she's engaged in the conversation.

Does she smile at you whenever your eyes? A genuine smile that reaches her eyes is a sign of warmth and positivity. If she's flashing you a lot of smiles, it's a good indication that she's enjoying your company. Pay attention to the type of smile too. A shy smile with averted eyes can be just as telling as a full-blown grin.


Twirling a strand of hair, tucking it behind her ear, or running her fingers through her hair can sometimes be a subconscious sign that a woman is feeling nervous or flirty.

Listen closely to how she talks to you. Does her voice soften when she speaks to you? Does she laugh readily at your jokes? Is she engaged in the conversation, asking questions and following up on your points? These are all signs that she's interested in getting to know you better.


Body language can be subjective and open to interpretation. These signs are just clues, not guarantees. The best way to truly know if a woman is interested is to talk to her!

Here are some tips for sending your own positive body language signals:

  • Make eye contact and smile.
  • Turn your body towards her when you're talking.
  • Avoid crossing your arms or legs.
  • Lean in a bit when she's speaking.
  • Subtly mimic her body language.

Pay attention to the signals a woman is giving you, but don't overthink it. If you feel a connection, the best course of action is to strike up a conversation and see where things go. Be yourself, be confident, and most importantly, have fun!

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