The 49-year-old recently wrapped up a 10-day low-carb, low-sugar challenge with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. The couple both posted about the challenge on Instagram, with J.Lo documenting some seriously impressive pictures of her abs transformation throughout the 10 days.

Jennifer wrapped up the 10-day diet challenge on January 30, but she started hinting at round two almost immediately. No word on whether or not a second round of no-sugar, no-carbs contributed to her Grammys body.

Jennifer Lopez's workouts are no joke either. The star frequently posts photos and videos to Instagram of herself crushing workouts with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. The duo swears by TruFusion classes , a studio that offers everything from yoga to bootcamps in a room heated to a steamy 120 degrees.

Jennifer even has her own line of workout leggings created in collaboration with the brand Niyama Sol .

Jennifer's Motown tribute performance was the subject of some backlash earlier in the week, as some people questioned whether a black performer should have been given the honor of headlining the performance.

Twitter reaction post-performance was mixed:

Cant Front.... @JLO killed that shit!! - Nick Cannon (@NickCannon) February 11, 2019

Motown was an historically black label and the bulk of that Motown tribute was by Jennifer Lopez #GRAMMYs I can't... - _MorganR_ (@_MorganR_) February 11, 2019

#blacktwitter calling the @RecordingAcad to ask who invited @JLo to do the Motown tribute - julian_bates_8907 (@8907Bates) February 11, 2019

But if there's one thing everyone can agree on, it's that she looked amazing.

Jennifer Lopez is more athletic at 49 than I am at 23. #GRAMMYs - highwaytommy (@TommySiriusXM) February 11, 2019