What Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma's body language says about their relationship

But Hilary and Matthew have been pretty low key and out of the spotlight, making it hard to know what’s up with these two besides the obvious.

Everyone knows Hilary, but we’re just starting to learn a little more about Matthew and what he’s all about. Turns out, he’s a musician, he loves to bowl, and he's kind of obsessed with dogs.

As for the two of them together, there's not a lot of public info beyond the fact that they've broken up and gotten back together three times, and they post some damn cute boomerangs.

With so much more to learn, consulted body language experts Lillian Glass, Ph.D., and Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., author of Finding Love Again: 6 Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship and professor at Oakland University in Michigan for the lowdown on what Hilary and Matt's bodies may be saying about their relationship.


1. There’s a lot of distance between them, but he’s angling himself toward her.

This photo looks cute-just two good-looking people out walking their dog together-but Glass isn’t impressed by the fact that Matthew is walking ahead of Hilary. “That’s not a good sign,” she says. Why? It implies that he wants to be ahead of her in life, too.

But Matthew is leaning his body toward Hilary, which shows that he’s open and responsive to her, Orbuch says. “Also, he is smiling at her and looking right at her. He is happy...and she makes him feel that way.”

2. They’re walking in sync.

Matthew and Hilary basically have the same stride and they’re going in the same direction which implies that they’re on the same track, Orbuch says. “They are working together as a team well,” she says. He’s also looking back to make sure she is still there and still walking with him. “That signals that he is attentive to her and where she is, as they are walking,” she says.


3. They’re physically close while they kiss.

Hilary and Matthew are all up in each other’s business when they kiss, and that suggests they have a good connection and strong bond, Orbuch says. “Also, it is a strong passionate kiss, like there is powerful energy and feelings between the two of them,” she says.

At the same time, he seems like he’s smiling while he’s kissing her, suggesting that he’s passionate about her and that she makes him feel happy.

4. His hand is covering hers.

This could signal one of two things. It could be that Matthew feels dominance over Hilary, Glass says. It could also be that he feels protective of her, Orbuch says.


5. They make eye contact while walking.

This is actually pretty impressive (you try looking into your partner’s eyes while you’re walking forward). “It reads: The world is happening around us but I'm only interested in you and thinking about you,” Orbuch says. It also signals that they’re there for each other, she adds.

6. He’s kissing her head.

Both Hilary and Matthew posted this photo on Instagram to announce that they’re having a baby girl, but Glass isn’t impressed by the body language. While they’re standing close together, he’s kissing the top of her head and has his arm around her shoulders-both of which suggest a friendship vibe. His hand is also in a fist at his side, which suggests ambivalence toward Hilary. It could be that they recently had a fight, or maybe there’s some underlying tension there.


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