The Chief Executive Officer of Engineers and Planners, Ibrahim Mahama has said that he started business even before his brother decided to contest as a Member of Parliament (MP).

Ibrahim Mahama who is the brother of ex-president John Mahama said he was successful before his brother occupied the office of the presidency.

“I don’t go anyplace fearing my shadow, running away from my shadow. When I started business John Mahama hadn’t even picked up his forms to become MP,” he said.

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Ibrahim Mahama who is considered as one of the wealthiest people in Ghana was speaking to graduate students of the University of Ghana on how to become successful entrepreneurs at the 2018 GRASSAG Entrepreneurship Seminar.

He also denied allegations that he made his money through illegitimate means and never took advantage of his sibling being in power to milk the state.

“I want to set the record straight that I was who I was; I was successful. That’s why I can chop my money without looking back and thinking that Amidu is coming to call me. And that is the confidence I do have.”

After President Akufo-Addo appointed Martin Amidu as the Special Prosecutor many people said he will investigate Ibrahim Mahama.

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However, Mr. Mahama said that he has nothing to fear about the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu since he has nothing to hide.

Mr. Mahama also announced the support of $2,000 for 20 of the graduates at the event with viable business ideas.

He called on other businesses to support the youth with great business ideas.

“There are a lot of very successful other businessmen who should listen to the youth. What the youth are looking is $2000 or $3000. Let’s be able to do what others did for the likes of us that helped us to start our businesses that have now become a monster."

“The business has grown beyond me so much so that even when I am not there, the business will stand on its feet,” Mr. Mahama added.