The District Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Alfred Vanderpuije has called for the assembly to be accorded fiscal independence in order to accelerate development comparable to major developed cities in the world.

In an interview with Accra based Class FM, Vanderpuije argued that the nation’s capital should not depend on the central government for funds.

“If we really mean [to improve] the operation of district assemblies then let’s do it right. At 59 [years], Accra, as one of the major, oldest cities in West Africa and Africa, should be able to run by itself,” he said.

“Accra should not depend on central government for common fund[ing] ...What needs to happen right now in the administration of our country is to give Accra the free financial hand to operate.”

He said municipal cities in the country must be allowed to float bonds to raise the necessary resources to engineer growth.

“One thing that needs to happen is that we must allow municipal bonding. That is what all cities of the world, today, do. Let’s flow municipal bonds. In other words, let Accra use its ability to raise its own money and take Accra off the national budget. Do it to the eight metropolitan assemblies and tell them: ‘Look, you are on your own.’ Allow them to float municipal bonds and they must pay for it by themselves, not national government. Let them use their resources and wealth to create capital to run their cities.”