Ghanaians may want to prepare for a looming shortage of tomatoes in  Accra in the coming months.

This is according to Esoko Ghana, and some dealers in Accra.

According to them, the negative phenomenon is attributable to hikes in exchange rate of the Ghana Cedi against the CFA Franc, as most of the tomatoes consumed  in Ghana between May and October each year  are imported from Cote d'Ivoire.

The traders say they spend as much us  CFA600,000   the equivalent of GHC400 in importing a box of tomatoes, which they sell at GHC250.

The traders are however not prepared to keep reducing prices just to satisfy their customers. They say they will either stop selling the vegetables or increase the prices commensurate with the costs of productiion.

Based on these developments, the Agriculture Resource Information outfit, Esoko Ghana is predicting drastic increase in prices  in the coming months.

In figures released by Esoko last week, prices of some household staples saw an increase for the second week in February, 2016.

The prices of gari, wheat, yam, rice, and millet,  which are all common ingredients for Ghanaian household meals, have increased between 4 and 12 percent.

The prices of  tomatoes, however, dropped for the third consecutive week since January 21. According to Esoko, the prices of tomatoes dipped by 11 percent to end the second week of February with an average price of GHC6.90 per medium tin.