The Chief Executive Officer of MTN Ghana Ebenezer Asante has revealed that subscribers of MTN mobile money can now pay for any transaction across the world through the Google platform.

In an interview with Accra-based Joy FM, Mr Asante said “we know credit card is a limitation so how do we ensure that we can remove that barrier from the majority of our customers who are also entitled to the use of these digital services and digital platforms”

“…and that is what motivated the partnership that today we have with Google that our customers can also have access to all these educational materials by paying through mobile money,” he added.

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Subscribers will also be able to receive remittances from parts of the world due to another service that has been added.

“We have that service with a couple of global partners and that service would be extended very soon to other major international remittance operators before the end of this year.”

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In 2017, MTN Ghana announced 24 percent increase in its performance. The figure translates into 3.4 billion cedis.

The telecoms giant disclosed that it paid about one billion Ghana cedis in taxes to the government, representing about 3 percent of the total tax collected in 2017.