Mr. Cudjoe maintained that the document in IMANI's possession  was not forged and was leaked to his institution from a member of the panel.

He also challenged the claim by members of the independent evaluation panel that vetted and endorsed Afriwave's bid, that they did not have access to the final report and could not have leaked it.

" The NCA, before the press conference on Thursday, agreed that the errors in the document IMANI has were the same errors they had corrected in the buildup  to the submission of the final report. All of a sudden they deny knowledge of the report, and all of a sudden, the errors in their documents are different for ours." he said.

On the issue of why multiple licenses will not be awarded to different companies alongside Afriwave, Franklin Cudjoe said the excuse  of cost cutting as given by  the Director General of the NCA cannot hold.

" The award of a multiple license  to different companies to operate several Clearing Houses at a time is best practice. That is the situation in Nigeria, and they are benefiting tremendously from it. The Director General's excuse of cost cutting does not make sense."  he said on Citi Fm's Big Issues.

Mr. William Tevie, Director General of the National Communications Authority told Pulse Business that the NCA's  decision to award a single license was to minimize the cost of employing more than one company to operate a clearing house.

According to him the cost of employing one provider is as high as 7 million dollars.