Over 600,000 litres of contaminated fuel under storage at the

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The committee was told that the off-spec or contaminated product at Zup Oil has evaporated, according to the chairman of the team led by Senyo Hosi.

He told Accra-based Citi FM Friday that: “We are told that about some 671,000 litres may have evaporated which seems to be abnormal for petroleum as far as storage of goods in BOST is concerned.

"It was supposed to be at the possession of the BOST depot managers. And it’s been explained for now that it may have evaporated which does not add up," the CEO of the Chamber for Bulk Oil Distributors added.

He also disclosed that out of the five million litres which had the seal of the National Petroleum Authority, BOST officials could not account for over 1 million litres.

“Almost 1.15 litres as at now has not been accounted for," he said. "There were some of the stocks that were supposed to have been under lock and key in Zup Oil, but when we checked, it was totally empty."

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He continued: "But we were advised by the management of Zup Oil that they’ve had a reason to dispose of a full cargo. They seem to have disposed of over 1 million litres which nobody seems to have been aware of. But we are looking forward to meeting all stakeholders, so we bring some finality to the matter."