The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has said that tax defaulters have 2 months to fulfill their tax obligations or face a jail term.

Deputy Commissioner for Communication and Public Relations, at the GRA, Kwasi Bobbie-Ansah told Accra-based Citi FM that taxpayers have until August 31 to fulfil their obligations.

The tax Amnesty issued by the GRA is to enable the public to register with the GRA, file their tax returns, pay taxes and disclose their financial reports by the end of August.

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The Amnesty is also to facilitate the regularization of the tax affairs of persons and updating the GRA database to improve the tax compliance culture.

Mr Bobbie-Ansah added that they will not extend the Amnesty period and therefore urged the general public to take advantage of this time.

“What it means is that we are going to apply the full sanctions. If you don’t file or pay, the penalties are there and we will apply them accordingly and that includes prosecution,” he warned.

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The amnesty is also to help the authority expand the country’s tax net and increase revenue for development.

“So people who have for some reasons not paid their taxes or file their financial returns as well as those who are outside the tax net, should take advantage of the remaining period to do the right thing,” Bobbie Ansah added.