Vodafone Ghana has disconnected the telephone lines of the Ghana Police Service throughout the country for the non-payment of their bills.

Speaking on Kumasi-based Abusua FM, Ashanti Regional Police Commander, COP Ken Yeboah said his office has no landline because the security service is yet to pay its debt to Vodafone.

COP Yeboah failed to mention the amount owed Vodafone but said that the disconnection is of great concern especially because of the increasing cases of robberies in the country.

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“The problem is across Ghana because we rely on government subvention to cater for some of these overhead costs. But for some time now, we have been constrained and this has led to the disconnection of our lines. As I speak, I use my own mobile phone and the GoTTa phones.”

In 2012, Vodafone Ghana refurbished the Communication unit of the Ghana Police Service and installed a state of the art telephone equipment with enhanced call features that will allow the service to respond to crime reports speedily.

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After the installation, personnel of the communication unit were able to answer multiple calls from the public. This also helped treat calls received with confidentiality.

Prior to the new installation, the communication unit had only ordinary desk phone lines that could receive one call at a time.

It is unclear if the current disconnection has affected this state of the art telephone equipment installed by the police service.