Siya Xuza urges Ghana to decentralize energy sector

But exactly what does this entail? Well, the Chief Executive of investment holding company, Galactic Energy, Siya Xuza who is making the recommendation explained to Joy Business at the 16 MTN Business World Executive Breakfast Meeting.

There have been many proposals regarding how best the country’s perennial energy crisis could be addressed. This includes private investments in the sector. The latest is the need for government to decentralize the energy sector – especially for a lasting solution to the crisis which continues to affect a number of businesses.

Decentralization he says is the future for energy. “In the same way that the world decentralized the use of computers making it more personalized where people are able to have their own computer devices, I think that fuel cells are the way for Africa’s energy future.

“This is because you can get a fuel cell and put it into your own home, refuel it with butane or whatever fuel cells that you’re using and you can have your own way of generating power independently, irrespective of whether the sun is out or whether the wind is blowing or not” he noted.

That, for him, is where Africa should shift its energy focus because consumers are being more conscious about their energy needs.

“Consumers can’t just simply accept that the utility service providers bring them a bill at the end of the month and they are not able to negotiate because they don’t have any other alternative for power” he added.

“What decentralization allows us to do is that it eliminates transmission lines so it’s not the old outdated model of having a big and having this expensive transmission lines and delays and lengthy infrastructure problems. We can simply leapfrog in the same way that we leapfrogged with mobile communication and I think energy is the next revolution and I believe storage, fuel cells in particular and batteries are the way to go.”

Mr. Xuza is also asking young entrepreneurs and innovators in the diaspora to ensure they return to Africa after their years of education and acquisition of skills from around the world to help rebuild the continent.

“The next chapter of African leadership will be a chapter that is built by innovators” he stressed with a call on all in the diaspora to join forces in redeeming the continent. Every problem that there is on the continent of Africa, he says, is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to solve and to also build business.



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