A popular female rapper in Kenya,

Kenya Post reports that Suspect who has been vilified following her open declaration of being a lesbian is upbeat about the upcoming wedding which should hold before the end of the year.

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Taking to her social media account to announce her happiness at finding the right partner, the rapper wrote:

"I had many ideas when planning my surprise engagement party. But at last, I settled for this one.

Where I summoned her/my closest friends without her knowledge. It was hard coz it meant not letting her touch my phone for a few days, a few lies here and there because I couldn't tell her I was going to collect the ring, the cake and everything else.

I also had to lock her in the kitchen for that whole day coz I didn't want her to see the room setup plus the visitors who were arriving at different intervals.

When I finally brought her into the room, she got emotional. I almost regretted it but it was positive emotions.

I love you #MySexyLoloTimeka Suspect."

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According to the enthusiastic Suspect who also flooded her page with photos of herself and her partner, she has accepted to be the wife in the union.

Read the tweets here.