Eboue isolated himself from his family upon pastor's counsel- Francophone journalist reveals

The former Arsenal defender isolated himself from his family upon the counsel of a pastor

Emmanuel Eboue revealed last week that he has gone bankrupt after he lost a divorce case against him and can’t even afford a washing machine.

The renowned footballer’s sad story received immediate reaction from individuals and organanisations who have the beautiful game at heart and his former side Galatasaray have come to his rescue by giving him the assistant coaching job for the club.

Aliou Goloko, a journalist in one of the Francophone countries has revealed that a pastor's counsel what took Eboue from his family.

“It started with a pastor who took him away from his family, all his friends and who told him he [Eboue] needed deliverance,” Goloko said.

Even though he did not say how devastating that pastor-player relationship was, he was emphatic his relationship with the Belgian wife left the Arsenal Star completely bankrupt.

Goloko said when Eboue came into contact with that pastor, some of his colleague African players said he was no longer the Eboue they used to know.

And it was just around that same period that he started having problems with his agent which eventually led to his one year ban from football.

“Today he is no more in a good mood with the pastor and the wife too he is no longer with her and he has lost everything,” he said.

Aliu Goloko said the connection with the Belgian wife further complicated matters with Eboue losing touch with his “roots.”

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