123-year-old virgin regrets rejecting men, says she wants a partner before she dies (video)

Are you hoping to find a life partner someday? Well, you are not alone in keeping that hope alive. A 123-year-old virgin who turned men away all her life is now regretting not entertaining them. She is now open to accepting any man who expresses interest in her despite her age.

Theresie Nyirakajumba

According to Theresie Nyirakajumba, from Rwanda, when she was growing up, it was taboo for girls to associate themselves with boys, let alone have any romantic relationship.

Well, it appears she was so compliant with the taboo that she never developed feelings for any man. She became so numb that even when she became of age and could have had a male partner, she didn't think it necessary. Instead, all men who were interested and approached her, she turned them down. Not even pressure from her parents and other relatives could make Nyirakajumba soften her stance.

“I didn’t want to engage with men. I had a strong fear of men and that prevented me from any potential relationship throughout my youth. I would see men coming to my hometown but I never developed a love for someone,” she recounted in an interview with Afrimax.

Now, having lived as a virgin for 123 years without a partner or a child to call her own, Nyirakajumba says she is now searching for a man with the hope of possibly getting married before she exits the earth.


The very aged woman who lives a solitary life in a dangerously dilapidated house started searching for a man now long ago, but no man is interested because of her old age.

“In all my life, I never had a husband. I’m 123 years old. It is true that I am a virgin at my age. If I had had a husband, maybe I would have some children but I don’t have any,” she lamented.

Since you 'never say die until the bones are rotten', the old lady is hoping that she will finally have the opportunity to experience what she has missed all her life before she finally dies.

“If a man shows up I’ll be willing to entertain the options,” she says.


Currently, due to old age, Nyirakajumba is unable to do certain things for herself, including eating. This is the time she needs her children and grandchildren around her but unfortunately, she has none.


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