Central Region: Suspected lesbians escape gang-rape in Nyakrom

There was near calamity over the weekend in Nyakrom, near Swedru in the Central Region, when a group of youth nearly gang-raped two young women accused of being lesbians.


According to eyewitnesses, one Hadia Mohammed Nurudeen, a 26-year-old who resides in Nyakrom was visited by a female friend for the whole weekend, and they were seen all over town hanging out and enjoying each other’s company, hugging and touching in public.

Unknown to her, certain Muslim youth in the same community had been monitoring Hadia amid suspicion of her being a lesbian after two SHS girls in the same area accused her of trying to ‘woo’ them.

Also, she always got many female visitors but nobody ever seen her with a man.

So they concluded the visiting friend was one of her same sex partners and decided to ‘teach them a lesson’ and the plot was to capture the two and gang-rape them in order to as they claimed, exorcise the lesbianism spirit.


They did, in fact, succeed in catching the two ‘lovebirds’ after apparently seeing them fondling and kissing at a local restaurant and threatened to carry out their gang-rape intentions after ‘arresting’ the alleged couple.

Luck however was on the side of the two women when people in the community led by the security man at the restaurant, who had got wind of the wicked plot, tried to intervene by asking where they were taking the girls to, and in the ensuing confrontation, Hadia and her friend managed to escape in a getaway taxi.

After fleeing along with her alleged partner, she has apparently since gone into hiding, many believe in Accra for fear of her life, leaving behind her rented room and properties afraid to return as the agile youth always go to her house to chant and threaten that they are waiting for her to come so they can attack her and carry out their intentions.

The particular group have not stopped sending threats to the family of Hadia, threatening the family that they will find her wherever she is hiding in the country because they have a network across the country.


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