Efforts to make overweight leopard slim down proves futile

A Chinese zoo has abandoned its efforts to help a severely overweight leopard shed some pounds after a two-month program yielded no results.

Chinese Zoo Gives Up on Helping Obese Leopard Lose Weight

The leopard, nicknamed "China's Officer Clawhauser" due to its striking resemblance to the cartoon character, had become an internet sensation in March.

Despite promises to improve the leopard's diet, exercise, and living conditions, the zoo reported no weight loss. Officials cited the leopard's advanced age (16 years old, equivalent to 60-70 human years) and limited space as contributing factors to its obesity.

The zoo's decision to halt weight loss efforts has sparked debate about animal welfare and the challenges of caring for aging animals in captivity. While some critics argue that the zoo should have done more to address the leopard's weight, others recognize the difficulties in changing the habits of an older animal.

The leopard's internet fame had brought attention to the zoo, but also raised concerns about the animal's well-being. Its obesity had led to comparisons to a seal, rather than a sleek and agile leopard. Despite this, the zoo assures that the leopard is healthy and receives regular checkups.

The zoo's staff emphasised that they prioritised the leopard's happiness and health over weight loss. "All is fine as long as he is healthy and happy," they said.

The decision to end the weight loss program was made after consulting with experts, who agreed that further efforts would be unsuccessful.

The leopard will continue to live out its days at the Panzhihua Park Zoo, where it has been a resident since 2010. While its weight may not have changed, its internet fame has brought attention to the importance of animal care and welfare.


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