Doctor and nurses arrested over missing placenta and umbilical cord

Authorities have detained a doctor and several nurses from Government Cottage Hospital in Iloffa, Oke-Ero Local Government Area in Nigeria, after failing to return the placenta and umbilical cord of a newborn to the parents, leading to unrest among the local community.

Restive youths almost set the hospital ablaze [National Reformer News]

Dr. Ajibola, a resident doctor, along with nurses Rukayat Adeloye, Aishat Awolusi, Peace Alabi, and ward attendant Toyin Adewumi, were taken into custody following the incident. The missing placenta and umbilical cord of a newborn baby sparked outrage, particularly among the youth of the community, who nearly set the hospital on fire.

The newborn's mother, C.B.A. Williams, a teacher at Orota Secondary School in Odo-Owa, Oke-Ero, recounted her experience. She was admitted to the hospital while in labor and gave birth around 7:00 pm. Nurse Adeloye initially attended to her, confirming her labor before moving her to the delivery room, where Nurse Alabi and Ward Attendant Toyin Adewumi assisted in the delivery.

Williams reported that after her baby was born, the hospital discharged her the next morning but did not return the placenta and umbilical cord, instead handing her a bag of personal items.


“I was feeling some labour pains on Sunday and I got to the Cottage hospital, some minutes past 1:00 pm on Sunday, and told the particular Nurse Adeloye I met on duty that I was having contractions. She was the one that attended to me after confirming that I was truly in labour."

“She took me into the labour room and asked me to wait because I still had more time. Not quite long after I came, the doctor also came in and instructed the nurse to usher me into the labour room."

“In the course of the delivery, it was one nurse Alabi who took the delivery, and nurse Adeloye and the Ward Attendant identified as Mrs Toyin were the three people present,” She is reported to have said

This omission led to escalating tensions in the community.

Local authorities intervened when attempts to resolve the matter internally failed, and community elders had to calm the agitated youths who suspected foul play and were ready to burn down the hospital.


Police Public Relations Officer Ejire-Adeyemi Toun confirmed the incident and stated that an investigation is ongoing. The five detained health workers are being held by the General Investigation Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State.


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