Don't marry if you have only love; wait until you can add money – Author advises men

Nigerian author and social media influencer, Reno Omokri’s advice to men that love alone must not compel anyone to go into marriage unless he is able to add money has sparked numerous reactions.

Reno Omokri (Winner)

He is noted for sharing philosophical writeups on his social media pages, and this particular one was just one of them.

According to him, when women base the choice of their life partners on how much wealth the man has, they should not be faulted because God naturally created them that way.

“No woman wants to marry to suffer. It does not make her a gold digger. God put that desire in her. She is not just thinking about

She is thinking about the children. If you've nothing but love, don't marry. Wait until you can add money to love!” Omokri wrote on his Facebook page, a screenshot of which has been circulating online, with many people agreeing with him while others disagree.


His advice is at variance with those of other counsellors who say a man and a woman from humble backgrounds could start life and build it together for mutual enjoyment in the future.

Meanwhile, a Ghanaian young man has said that his perspective about women and how to deal with them has changed after he discovered that his girlfriend used ‘chop money’ she was taking from her to start building her own house without his knowledge.

The man, simply identified as revealed this on Accra-based Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Friday, February 24, 2023. He was contributing to a discussion on how to identify a bad partner.


“I always gave her weekly chop money for her upkeep and not knowing she had bought a plot of land at Oyibi with my money and had started building, I had no idea.

“Meanwhile I haven’t even bought a bag of cement before, I didn’t know my money could build,” David lamented, as quoted by

He went on further to speak about how opportunistic the said girlfriend was despite all the goodies she was benefiting from him.

“Can you just imagine, ladies who come to you and even when they cook for you they want to pack some home, you invite them for lunch or dinner and after eating, drinking with you, they want take-away, when you see those people don’t venture.

“You give them money to cook in your own house and when she’s going to her house she packs some of the food she came to cook in your house, you invite her for dinner or lunch and after spending all your money she calls the waiter to pack extra food for her,” David recalled on live radio.


With all these disheartening experiences, the young man said he is now more vigilant when dealing with ladies.


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