Namibia puts up 40 crocodiles for sale to stop conflicts

The government of Namibia is inviting applications from interested persons to buy forty crocodiles in order to reduce conflict between them and humans.

Stock photo: Crododiles (Source : Wikipedia)

Reports say there have been instances wildlife attacks on humans in the north-eastern regions of Kavango and Zambezi, hence the decision by the authorities to get rid of the wild reptiles for the sake of peace and security.

According to the BBC, those interested in buying the crocodiles are expected to submit their tender offers to the country's Ministry of Environment by 17 July.

Explaining further the rationale behind the government’s decision, ministry spokesman Romeo Muyunda said the majority of the nation's wildlife resides outside of national parks, which has led to the regions' ongoing, alarming crocodile assaults on people and their livestock.

Although the tender notice is public, not every interested bidder will have the opportunity to buy the advertised crocodiles. The most important requirement a buyer must meet is to show proof that they have suitable habitat for the animals. They will also pay for the cost of capturing the animals.

Bidders who intend to take the crocodiles out of Namibia must also have a permit from the destination country, the authorities said.

In January 2021, a group of tourists suffered a traumatizing experience at a Crocodile pond located in Ave-Dakpa in the Volta Region of Ghana after the reptile attacked one of them, a woman during their photo-taking moment.

A heart-stopping video of the incident showed the frightened tourists running helter-skelter while screaming “Jesus” repeatedly.

Reports at the time had it that the tour guide failed to give the crocodile a chicken before the tourists attempted to pose for pictures with it as it is usually done.

However, the reptile remained calm as people took turns taking photos with it until a woman, unfortunately, touched it from its side. It suddenly got wild and attacked causing the other tourists to flee for their precious lives.

According to the Akatsi North District Assembly, the victim suffered minor injuries from the attack.


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