Police arrest woman who stabbed aunt to death over electricity bill

A woman in Rusape, a town in Zimbabwe has been arrested for allegedly stabbing her aunt to death in a dispute over electricity usage.

Police arrest woman who stabbed Aunt to death over  electricity bill

Nella Kundai, 27, is accused of fatally stabbing her 41-year-old aunt, Dorothy Matongo, three times in the chest during an argument.

According to New Zimbabwe, the fatal confrontation began when Kundai and Matongo, who lived together, clashed over the payment of their electricity bill. Kundai, facing financial difficulties, refused to contribute, prompting Matongo to pay US$5 to restore their electricity. However, she instructed that it be used only for lighting, not for cooking.

Kundai defied her aunt’s instructions and used the electricity for cooking, sparking a heated argument that quickly escalated into violence. The altercation ended with Kundai stabbing Matongo three times in the chest.


Matongo’s family believes the tragedy could have been prevented if the police had acted on earlier warnings about escalating tensions between the two women.

“Despite the family’s attempts to seek help from the authorities, our pleas were not heard,” Prime, Matongo’s daughter said.

“I went to the police station and told them about the growing tension between my mother and Kundai, but the police did not take action. Shockingly, they told me that I should only report the incident after my mother had been stabbed.”

Prime herself was injured during the altercation, being struck in the stomach by a toilet seat as she tried to intervene.


The community is deeply saddened by Matongo’s death and is calling for more proactive policing. Community elder Eunice Muhwihwa emphasized the need for timely intervention and conflict resolution to prevent such tragedies.

“The tragic death serves as a reminder of the importance of timely intervention and conflict resolution in preventing such senseless acts of violence,” Muhwihwa stated.

Matongo’s churchmate, known only as Mai Muchena, also criticized the justice system for failing to prevent the tragedy.

“If the police had responded to the family’s warnings, Dorothy might still be alive today,”


“If the police had responded to the family’s warnings, Dorothy might still be alive today,” Muchena lamented.

Kundai is now in police custody, facing murder charges, and is expected to appear in court soon.

Matongo’s death has left a significant void in her family, which includes three daughters and one son.


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