Social media in shock as lady says she was naive, might not have married husband

Naa Nhyirabea Armooh, a pharmacist, wife, and mother, has sparked widespread reactions on social media after revealing that she was naive when she chose her husband.

Naa Nhyirabea Armooh speaking on Home Affairs on Joy FM

In a discussion on Accra based, Joy FM's' "Home Affairs" she admitted that if she had been more knowledgeable, she might not have chosen him.

Reflecting on her past, Armooh stated, "When I chose my husband, I was very naive. I keep telling my husband that if he had come to propose to me now, he would ask me why because I didn't know the journey I was going on."

She initially sought someone who accepted her as she was, encouraged her to be herself, and shared similar values. However, she has since realized the importance of a partner who is deeply connected to God.

"The journey of marriage is unpredictable, and in critical moments, I would prefer someone who chooses God's side," she explained, emphasizing the need for a partner with strong faith.


She also touched on the significance of physical attributes, stating she would evaluate a partner based on the biblical definition of love and expected them to score at least 85% in these qualities.

She touched on the significance of physical attraction and compatibility.

"Our values must align. Looks matter to some extent, as I think of how my children should look. It's not everyone I want to be intimate with, so there must be that basic physical attraction where, when you touch me, I won't cringe."

Her candid comments have elicited a range of reactions on social media:


Lisa Fernandes 🤍 (@Sister_Grr) expressed a desire for wisdom in relationships, tweeting:

"Dear God, if in my youthful days I act dumb, please let me be a wise woman and mother someday like Abigail and Esther. I shall love my husband and his flaws, and he shall love me the same. We’ll build a good home."

User 𝐅𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐆𝐎 (@n_friggo) advised choosing a partner wisely:

"Marry a wise woman. Marry a woman who values you. Marry a woman who truly chooses you. Marry a woman who cares for you. Marry a woman who respects you."

Gizmo (@6_lashes) humorously wrote : "Imagine say this man broadcast for socials, change channel for office saying 'watch my wife' 🥹🥹🥹."


32 (@AZ_Bassit) highlighted the importance of respect in a relationship:

"There’s a way your partner will introduce you or speak about you, in and out of your presence, that will make you see the kind of respect he/she has for you. These things are visible in the time that you’re dating, even before getting married. The signs are unmissable."


Armooh's insights have sparked thoughtful discussions on social media about the complexities of choosing a life partner and the evolving nature of marital expectations.


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