The “F33f33” singer posted a video of herself in very thick makeup prophesying into the lives of her fans on Tuesday.

However her fans didn’t take her new appearance lightly with some asking why a gospel minister and the wife of a pastor would wear so much makeup like a “prostitute”.


Others also called her out for the Locally Acquired Foreign Accent (LAFA) which she has acquired alongside the bleaching.

The singer in a sharp rebuttal also posted another video quizzing why Ghanaians should insult her for using make up.

According to Gifty Osei, there is no verse in the bible that inhibits a Christian from using makeup.

“If you are a gospel musician, does it mean you shouldn’t wear makeup?” she quizzed “Ah gosh, Ghanaians talk too much. Anyway this is my new makeup so how do I look??”