A soldier has been filmed lashing a trotro driver and his mate in an area which appears to be around the 37 Military Hospital.

The video which is slowing going viral on social media shows the uniformed officer wielding a cane and lashing a man on one of Accra's busiest roads.

Accra-based Citi FM reports that the incident happened on Friday May 5, 2017 and that driver and his mate were lashed for stopping at an unapproved stop to pick up passengers. The 12-second video appears to have been filmed from the inside the trotro which had stopped to pick up new passengers.

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A woman can be heard in the video, pleading for mercy for the man being lashed.

Acts of indiscipline on Ghana’s streets are fairly common with trotro drivers often cited as the major culprits. While some have begun praising the actions of the soldier, there will be concerns raised about abuse of authority.

Last week, a police officer assaulted a taxi driver, forcing him to strip on the road for allegedly jumping a red light. A woman was also forcible kissed by a police officer in March 2017 at a night time check point.

Watch the video below: