This was disclosed by the Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation, Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei.

Speaking to Accra-based Joy FM, Dr. Akoto Osei said government cannot build all 275 factories in four years since the initiative is facilitated by the private sector.

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Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei
Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei

“From what the Minister [Trades and Industry Ministry] said, I don’t believe that all 275 factories will be ready. Keep in mind that it is not the government that is producing the factories. It is the private sector and you cannot force them to produce the factories,” he said.

"You can only facilitate. If you look at the two, then it is not possible to say that you can deliver because it is not upon you. You are facilitating.”

Dr. Akoto Osei further stated that the One District One Factory programme remains an objective of the government.

“It [One District One Factory] is an objective. It doesn’t mean we will complete it in four years,” the Minister added.

The One District One Factory programme was one of the flagship campaign promises of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) during the 2016 general elections.

Seven (7) local banks are financing some of the factories, while the African Development Bank (AfDB) has also earmarked $200,000 for 56 small-scale processing facilities.