Dr. Zanetor Rawlings alleged that hungry women and children are being asked to show their party cards before being given food.

This, the NDC legislator described as unacceptable, adding that the Coronavirus is no respecter of party colours.

Dr. Zanetor said this when she distributed food items to some head porters (Kayayei) in Accra on Tuesday.

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MP for Klottey Korle, Dr. Zanetor Rawlings
MP for Klottey Korle, Dr. Zanetor Rawlings

“This must end now and immediately because coronavirus does not know NPP and NDC. Neither does it know CPP, PNC, PPP or APC etc,” she fumed.

“This is a humanitarian crisis, women and children are hungry. They are locked down because it’s not their fault the virus is in Ghana.”

She added: “People are literally being asked to show evidence of their party membership before being given food.

“This is not acceptable [and] this is very sad [because] the virus does not show whether you are NDC or NPP before it infects you.”

Meanwhile, Ghana’s total Coronavirus case count has sharply risen to 636, as of April 14, 2020.

The country has, however, recorded 17 recoveries and eight deaths so far, the Ghana Health Service announced.