From likes to credibility: Behind the scenes of your favourite influencer

Have you ever wondered what truly defines an influencer? Is it merely about having a massive following on social media platforms, or is there more to the story?

Behind the scenes of your favourite influencer, an opinion by Emma Hanson Boateng.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an influencer is an individual who possesses the power to impact the purchasing decisions of others due to their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their audience.

Notwithstanding all the qualities stated in the definition above, influence goes beyond numbers. An influencer must internalize the brand they are promoting, creating a continuous partnership where both parties walk away satisfied.

Recently, I collaborated with popular influencers on a significant project. Some made the collaboration a breeze, while others left a less-than-pleasant taste. Their key performance indicators (KPIs) revolved around representing the brand by creating posts on social media, attending brand events, and encouraging their followers to engage with and support the brand’s products.

It will take days to address everything, so let's not focus on that now. However, experiencing this raised essential questions in my thoughts about influencers. Do influencers ponder their credibility? Should we start a grading system for influencers just to keep them on their toes?


Let's tackle credibility now. In my experience working with brands and influencers, credibility is paramount. Brands revisit influencers based on their credibility, meeting their KPIs, the client's experience throughout the project, and the influencer's commitment.

Not to bore you any further, I will conclude by stating that influencing may seem easy and fun, but it's not without complexities. To succeed, influencers must see things from the client's perspective. What is at stake for the client should guide how influencers project a product or brand.

In the world of influencers, it's not just about likes; it's about credibility. Aspiring influencers and industry players should reflect on these insights. I rest my case.

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By: Emma Hanson Boateng


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