Speaking to Benabi Discovery, Porbi mentioned that he's been on the streets for four years, soliciting financial assistance from people in traffic. Porbi engaged in theft, Tramadol intake, and other social vices.

As part of a mandate to tackle streetism in Ghana, Benabi Discovery, a humanitarian advocacy group, decided to change the fate of a young street-connected boy. Porbi, whose dream is to become a bank manager in the future, agreed to pursue his academics, after rendering an apology to all he might have hurt one way or the other while he was on the street.

The team led by Mr. Benjamin Kumi (founder of Benabi Discovery), proceeded to have young Porbi, who looked quite un-kept, to go under-grooming and counselling, before enrolment. Young Porbi was taken to Aboso Benso LA Primary school, and upon the advice of the headteacher, he was made to start from class one, to enable him to master phonetics and the alphabets.

Initially, it was envisaged that Porbi will exhibit some traits of aggressiveness and bullying of his peers, but he proved the teaching staff wrong by portraying the best of attitude in class and outside the corridors of the school, which won him the admiration of all and sundry within the school compound. 15-years-old Porbi seems to be making good progress with no trace of truancy and notoriety as expected from the onset. Headteacher at Aboso Benso LA Primary School asserted.

Delve into the full story by watching the full documentary on Life-Changing Story of Abandoned Child, from the street to the classroom. A street boy whose notoriety was believed to be a curse or spiritual connotation.

Benabi Discovery is grateful to all who rendered support in taking Joseph Boateng Porbi off the streets and the headway made in realizing his dreams of becoming a bank manager.

Benabi Discovery Foundation welcomes friends and family who are willing to support Joseph Boateng Porbi aka Ahoɔfɛ through his education in aspiring his dreams.