Senior lecturer at the Ghana School of Law,

He said Wireko-Brobbey, popularly known as Tarzan, should advocating for the rights of homosexuals in Ghana as it is against our laws.

Amoaning, who was speaking to Mamavi on Joy FM said, "So if you are a homosexual let us help you out of it rather than using vestiges of colonialism to support this degenerate moral behavior".

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Tarzan has advocated for the rights of homosexuals to be respected in Ghana since it will cause any harm to anybody.

Wireko Brobbey was speaking on the recent controversy of whether Ghana should allow for homosexuals to have legal rights in the country. This controversy arose from a comment by the Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May of helping former colonies eliminate anti gays laws.

However, an incensed Foh-Amoaning who is also National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights, says the customary law of Ghana –which is recognised by the Constitution- abhors homosexuality and that is the position of Ghana which must be respected by the international community.

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“And Dr. Charles Wereko Brobby, you say you belong to the Ashanti Kingdom; can you go there and say that you want to practice homosexuality or you want to support it? You will be rejected by the community that you come from" Amoaning barked.

He fumed, "Dr. Charles Wereko Brobby, you are more important than this…How can a man have sex in the anus and you say it is a human right [so] we should respect it? You are wrong and Ghanaians don’t believe in what you are saying,”