The incident happened last Tuesday when the victims, aged between five and 12, were playing in the neighbourhood.

Having chanced upon the grenade, the kids thought it was a cocoa fruit and proceeded to play with it.

However, the grenade detonated in their hands, wounding all four children at the scene of the incident.

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Statement from Ghana Police Service
Statement from Ghana Police Service

“Some people rear pigs around the area so the children go there to play. While playing, they saw the bomb and said they thought it was a toy or cocoa,” father of the victims, Oko Adams told Joy News.

Recounting the incident, he said: “I was working when I heard a loud sound, Boom! I panicked and wondered if a coup d’etat was happening in Ghana. Everyone came out of their homes to the street to find out what exactly was happening.

“After about 15 minutes, a salon car pulled up with my children in there. One could not even move. Another had his shorts soaked in blood.

“The driver helped me rush them to Kofi Annan where they removed some of the bomb pellets which had entered the flesh of the children, especially the first one, Tetteh.”

Oko Adams, however, disclosed that all four of his children have since been discharged.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Police Service has cautioned the general public to be wary of strange objects they chance upon.

The Police urged the public to immediately draw their attention for the appropriate response, should they spot any strange objects in their communities.