A viral video circulating on social media shows four teenage boys

The five minutes video has sparked outrage on social media with many Ghanaians calling on the security agencies to arrest the culprits.

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The boys, whose faces could easily be identified in the video, forced to have their way with the young lady who seems to be in her 20s.

The boys spoke Twi in the video.

The young lady kept struggling with the guys who were giggling throughout the video.

In the video, a man, whose face was not shown, entered and room and forced the young men to set the girl free and vacate the room.

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The boys who committed this heinous crime recorded their ordeal and uploaded on Facebook, but deleted it shortly after.

Many Ghanaians have condemned the inhumane act with some calling on the Police and Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) to make sure the perpetrators are arrested and punished.