Pulse Ghana as part of our election campaign asked our audience what question they would ask former president Jerry John Rawlings if they met him.

Former President Jerry John Rawlings
Former President Jerry John Rawlings

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Here are some questions Ghanaians asked in the comment section:

  • Will you like to be the next president of Ghana?
  • Is it possible to come back to govern Ghana?
  • Can I be your side chic?
  • Why didn’t he do everything he is complaining the current governments should be doing?
  • Where he gets his inspiration?
  • Will he come to power if he was asked to?
  • Papa J, will you come back if there is amendment in the constitution?
  • Did you come to office to enrich yourself?
  • Why won’t you come back again?
  • Why the coup?
  • Would you like to be president of Ghana again?
  • How do we fix this mess they are making since you left?
  • The 19 years, what happened?