Dr. Spio Garbrah congratulates Ghanaian workers on May Day

On this first day of May, recognized as an occasion to appreciate all those who work, I will like to congratulate Ghanaian workers, Trade Unions and the various workers organizations for the roles you have played and continue to play to see to Ghana’s overall development. Workers represent the productive base, and labor is a key driver of our Ghanaian economy.

Since independence, Ghana's workforce both unionized and non-unionized, has always been integral to our economic progress as a people. May Day presents all employers and workers an opportunity to reflect on Ghana’s competitiveness, labor efficiencies, productivity, graduate and youth unemployment, and general attitudes to work. Our attention to Social media, viewing of sports events, attendance at funerals and church services, sense of punctuality, listening to discussion programmes during working hours are amongst the numerous distractions that prevent public and private workers from performing their best these days.

I am convinced that Ghana has amongst the most potentially well educated, skilled and most committed workers anywhere, if they can be properly motivated, incentivized, directed, monitored and supervised. Performance management and goal-driven reward systems are amongst key new interventions needed in the workplace to transform how Ghanaians work. Pre-employment Mentorships and internships, on-the-job training and career development schemes as well as good staff welfare policies can all help to empower workers economically.

I also salute the more than one million Ghanaians who reside overseas and whose daily and periodic remittances play a critical role in improving Ghana’s access to foreign capital. Ghanaian Diaspora workers are a strategic resource of knowledge and skills which no government thus far has been able to fully and effectively harness.


From formal sector workers to informal workers, to investors, financiers and employers, this goodwill message is to celebrate and to acknowledge your sweat and efforts in serving our dear motherland. On this day, I salute you workers of Ghana for your hard work, commitment and zeal in promoting the economic development of our dear country. Together, there is even so much more that we can achieve.

Happy May Day!

Long live Ghanaian workers!

Long Live Trade Unions and Worker Associations!

Long Live Employers, Financiers and Investors!


Long Live Ghana!!


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