The development of a  new contraceptive for men which had a high success rate has been halted after scientists found out adverse events was way too much.

This will add on to the two contraceptives already available for men i.e condoms and vasectomy.

The new contraceptive, Injectable Combination Hormonal Contraceptive for Men is a hormonal injection which blocks sperm production.  The scientists say its success rate at preventing pregnancies is about 96 percent.

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But the new discovery will not be available anytime soon. The study found a high number of adverse effects on men who were undergoing the trial. This adverse effects were far more and worse than what women go through when they use contraceptives.

“The most common adverse events” found in the 320 participants  were “acne, injection site pain, increased libido, and mood disorders. “

The contraceptive’s efficiency   was better compared to other methods available for men the study says.

But the study was halted despite the high percentage of participant’s willingness to continue.