Reports say the victim is currently on admission at the Tamale Teaching Hospital with severe burn injuries after she was rushed to the facility by one of her sons.

According to, Linlaar Akua’s only crime was refusing to release her tricycle to suspects in the middle of the night for them to convey something she suspected might have been a stolen item and did not want to be associated though the machine is used for commercial purposes.

The news portal reported the police saying that a fortnight ago, one Mathew Patuka and Laari Sujurka both natives of Nakpanduri visited the victim at about 1 am, woke her from sleep and claimed that they wanted her tricycle to cart their goods somewhere.

The woman reportedly told the suspects that it was too late in the night and that the machine was not in good condition, so she could not release it.

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The following day at about 9 am, the suspects returned and threatened to kill the victim for accusing them of being thieves.

She had indicated to them that soon after they left the previous day, she was unable to find her mobile phone.

The threat to her life was reported to the police in Nakpanduri but before an action could be taken, the suspects visited the home of the woman on January 16, 2020, poured petrol on her and set her on fire with matches, reports say.

Sensing danger for the atrocity they committed, the suspects fled even before the police could arrive.

The victim was rushed to a health facility in Tamale where she is on admission responding to treatment.

Police continue to search for the suspects to assist in investigations.