The festive season is here again and security is a major issue at times as these.

The Ghana Police Service is not leaving anything to chance and has therefore put in measures to ensure there is no or minimum breach of the security of Ghanaians.

In an interview with Accra-based Citi FM, the Director of Operations of the Police Service, COP George Akuffo- Dampare said over 14,200 police officers will be on the alert.

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“We know as a people that during this period, there is heightened activity from the movement which accompanies socio-economic activity that brings people from all walks of life to and from cities and towns across the country.”

“When you put all this together, it calls for increased policing in a way to take care of this heavy human and vehicular traffic across the country, and to do that calls for the mustering of all the resources that we have at our disposal to bring comfort to the good people of the country.”

The police are thus engaging in the following proactive measures:

• Traffic management policing

Operational police personnel will be dispatched to all major cities across the country to help the MTTD personnel on the roads.

This will the regular human and vehicular traffic during Christmas is reduced to the minimum.

• Intensifying highway patrols

The police are intensifying highway patrols to protect commuters between rural and urban areas travel safely.

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• Policing of commercial and entertainment centres

There will be the presence of uniformed and undercover police presence in major leisure spots to prevent crime.

• Residential area policing

There will be heavy police presence both in the day and night time within residential areas to prevent crime.

• Anti-land guard policing

This is aimed at ensuring that landowners have their peace of mind.

• Vital installation policing

Policing utilities to ensure activities of citizens are not disrupted.

• Criminal hideout policing

Acting on police intel to keep watch on known criminal hideouts.

• Community engagement

The police will dialogue with communities to ensure an increase in cooperation between both parties. The service is also expected to make use of social media.