The anti-LGBTQI Bill is nonsense – Sam Okudzeto

Veteran legal practitioner and a Member of the Council of State, Sam Okudzeto has slammed the proponents of the anti-LGBTQI Bill passed by Parliament earlier this year.

Lawyer Sam Okudzeto

He said the issue of homosexuality should not be given such prime importance looking at the circumstances of the country.

In his view, such a legislation should not have been brought forward in the first place, as he sees no valid reason for the state to intervene in the private affairs of consenting adults.

Turning his attention to the clergy, Mr. Okudzeto challenged their singular focus on homosexuality as a sin deserving of legislative action.

He queried whether the clergy are equally vocal and proactive in addressing other sins recorded in the Bible.


Mr. Okudzeto insisted on the existence of more pressing and pertinent issues facing the nation that warrant attention and resources and thus called for a re-evaluation of national priorities, suggesting that the focus on anti-LGBTQ+ legislation detracts from addressing critical socio-economic challenges that affect all Ghanaians.

“We have even tried to induce the churches; they are all running around calling on the president to sign the bill. All the sins which are listed in the Bible, what have they been doing about it? LGBTQI is the only one they have seen? We talk about corruption, corruption, from the messenger to the top, every one of us is involved in corruption.”

“When a man and woman go and sleep in the bedroom, is that my business? How does that affect the economy? How does that put food out of my mouth? Does that affect my education? So I have a different view altogether. I think the whole concept, is completely out of the issue…We are preoccupied with someone sitting with a man or a woman sitting with a woman as being a national issue. The whole thing about LGBTQI is a nonsense issue, it should not have come in the first place," he said.

He argued that the actions of two adults in the privacy of their bedroom should not be subject to governmental scrutiny or regulation, emphasising the importance of personal freedoms and privacy rights.


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