The collection of TV licenses will soon extend to persons who consume content via mobile devices and applications.

This comes on the back of the establishment of a special TV Licence Court to deal with TV licence fee defaulters.

The setting up of the new courts follows a request made by the Director-General of Ghana Broadcasting Cooperation (GBC), Dr Kwame Akuffo Anoff-Ntow in November this year to the Judiciary.

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In an interview with Accra-based Citi FM, Dr. Akuffo Annor-Ntow said: “Ultimately, the laws will extend to those who consume that content on that mobile applications.”

“The fact that you are consuming it on a mobile application doesn’t mean the content is not being paid for or is not being generated by somebody. Once it is being generated, it has to be paid for.”

He said that for now, the GBC is “focusing on those who own television sets and use television sets [for the license collection].”

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Many have raised concerns over the reintroduction of the license and have been wondering whether the levy is for TV ownership or the content produced by the state broadcaster.

But Dr. Annor-Ntow has explained that the license is to cover content and not ownership of TV sets.

“You aren’t paying for the television set. You are paying for the content. So the principle is that the public service broadcaster will be generating content and that content is useful and to the extent that it is mandatory to provide that service, the public funds it. So it is not the television set that you are paying for. You are paying for the content,” he said.

Per the TV licence regulation, dealers in television sets will pay GH¢5 per month, while commercial license users will pay GH¢3 per month for a television set. The payment will double based on the number of devices.