The Ghana Medical Association has denied claims by the National Democratic Congress government that it constructed the University of Ghana Teaching Hospital.

But the General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr. Frank Serebuor has insisted that government only served as a loan guarantor for the construction of the Hospital.

“The University of Ghana Teaching a private hospital, the university built it by seeking funding from Israel. I wasn’t surprised that the president during NDC manifesto highlights claimed ownership of the University of Ghana Teaching hospital, because sometimes politicians look at the infrastructural developments put up in the regime and claim ownership, as far as I know, government did not build that facility, it only guaranteed the loan for the establishment,” Dr. Serebuor said on Kumasi-based Abusua FM.

But a former Finance Minister, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor has since challenged the claims by Dr. Serebuor, saying he was personally involved in seeking funds for project.

"It’s really disturbing that some people are making such allegations. I was personally involved in the process of that loan as the Finance Minister and worked on all the papers. One Dr. Lawson was the Coordinator of this project; ask him the details of the project.

"Government sought for the loan for the University from Israel, I signed all the papers, they should come forward with their papers so that we debate the issue, all the documents can be found in the Finance and Health Ministries,” Dr. Duffuor explained.