Do not touch my anointed one, the Bible says.

If there is a group of Christians who hold on to this verse in the Bible, it is members of the International God’s Way Church where Bishop Daniel Obinim is the head pastor.

A few weeks ago, Bishop Daniel Obinim asked a member of his church to carry a bag of cement as punishment for disobeying him when he attended to aid her as a different person.

The video of the woman carrying the bag of cement went viral on social media, generating conversations with most people criticizing the leader of the International God’s Way Church.

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In another video, the 28-year-old has lashed out at people criticizing Obinim for making her carry the bag of cement as punishment.

“Don’t you criticize your children?” the lady asked in her video.

“If you don’t criticize your children, they have no guardian.

“My father criticized me after I made a mistake. What is your problem?

“Don’t you have anything better doing? I made a mistake and my father criticized me making me carry a bag of cement. Be in your lane.

“Stop making the noise.”

She also targeted some specific people in her video asking them to mind their business. Rants in the video also claim the act was not staged as some people believe.

Watch the video below.

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