Ghana’s commitment towards fighting off illegal mining has been thrown into serious question following revelations by a Lebanese national that he has strong connections at the Presidency at allows him to freely engage in such activities.

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In the said video, the undercover journalist, who pretended to be a concessioner, captured a conversation with Mr. Yahaya centred on acquiring a land to mine.

The journalist warns him that the Government of Ghana and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are on a serious mission to arrest all illegal miners across the country.

However, the Lebanese national, who claims to have been born in Ghana, shrugged off the warnings, insisting he has strong connections at the Presidency which would immune him from any punishment if arrested.

“…for this one I don’t have any problem, you get me, nobody can touch me…. Just give me the boss’ number and don’t worry... I will let them come to the flag house (Jubilee House). As for connections, I have… I have very good connections, nobody can disturb me,” Mr. Yahaya confidently asserted.

He, therefore, asked the ‘concessioner’ to simply give him the number of the EPA boss, stressing his contacts at the seat of government will handle the rest.

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He further disclosed that he was in partnership with Aisha Huang, an alleged suspect who was earlier accused of being the leader of some Chinese galamseyers in the country.

Shocked by the revelation, the journalist further warned him that there is an Operation Vanguard team set up to go after all illegal miners around the country.

However, Mr. Yahaya again appeared very confident that his works will not be “disturbed” by the joint Police and military task force.

According to him, the boss of the Operation Vanguard task force is actually his best friend and will not allow him to be caught.

The Lebanese national was ready to fork out a hopping GHc40,000 as advance payment for the concession, whiles also accepting to pay GHc20,000 each month after that.

Watch the video of the shocking revelation below: